Ador Multiproducts Limited

Ador Multiproducts Ltd. (AMPL) is a part of the Rs. 500 Crore ($115Mn.) Ador Group, dedicated to personal care products & is listed on BSE.

 Advantages with AMPL 

Leading Contract Manufacturers In Personal care Industry

 Possesses Alcohol license with a sanction of 1,20,000 liters per annum, hence a wide range of products.

 Is an ISO – 9001:2008 certified company .

 Works under strict G.M.P. & S.O.Ps Norms pertaining to F.D.A. regulations.

 Possesses Ayurvedic manufacturing license.

 Strategically located two manufacturing units, Bangalore & Pondicherry are beneficial to cater to the large South India market. 60% to 70% of revenues within the industry come from South India, making the market very lucrative.

 Product & Packaging development & customization as per clients needs.

 Well Maintained warehouses & vast distribution channels.